Life as the space of relationship — read here!

Igor Kalinauskas
Life as the space of relationship
DFS Technique “The fire flower”

Igor Kalinauskas PhD is psychologist and philosopher and writer, widely known for his psychological openings and unique work as theater director.

The way of life is a consequence rather than the cause of our attitude to it.

Differentiated Functional States (of Being) DFS is the technique of self-regulation of the last generation. This means:
DFS technique is effectively works in all spheres of life;
You may use DFS technique without interrupting of any other occupation;
DFS technique adjusts you in any situation using its built-in tool.
The only one construct “The fire flower” and four basic exercises will let you to harmonize relationship as with the life as with yourself. You won’t reproach yourself anymore with an energy lack and leave in the past all insuperable circumstances of your life. You will have the best condition, tone and mood for all activities in every situation, with any people.
Your life is in your hands!

Once more)

More than 30 years ago, his technique was patented DFS as a practical tool works spsihoenergetikoy. Differentiated Functional States — the scientific name for the simple and correct:
— How to perceive;
— How to respond adequately;
— It does not get lost in the situation and turn it to their advantage;
— How to expand the boundaries of their world;
— How to build a relationship, a career, a dialogue with others.
Four exercises are based on the energy structure of «Fire Flower». Sixteen states, as a palette of paints concentrated space.
You want to feel like a man in the world, not a grain of sand on the shore? DFS — key you are looking for.

 Life as the space of relationship — read here 

Life as the space of relationship — download here