Art of living — read here!

Igor Kalinauskas
Art of living (Must live!)

A man created for the joy of life, said Igor Kalinauskas. Maybe we should think why so few people feel that happiness to live? If you aspire to spiritual heights or just want to meet every single day with true interest and joy The School of the Game will discover you a new view of the world and will give unexpected and sometimes paradoxical answers.
There’s a possibility to be not just a cog in the social machine but to turn your life to the exciting every minute pageant. There’s a chance to become the owner of your destiny and set the laws you need. For Igor Kalinauskas this chance is The Life. It always on the first place as basic source, a reason and a lesson. And a task for a man is to understand what he wants more to love his life or to rule it.

Art of living (Must live!) — read here