The intellectual adventure. Origin of the objective reality

Igor Kalinauskas
The intellectual adventure. Origin of the objective reality.

Dr. Igor Kalinauskas
Psychologist, philosopher and author of books. A man known for his discovers in psychology and unique works as a director. His principal of life is To be alive and smart!

21st century. The third millennium. The urgent need is ripe for to understand the relations between the knowledge and the objective reality of the person and his way of existence in the world. There’s the taboo: we shouldn’t think about it. If you start to think about it you find that an ordinary automatic life isn’t everything. And there’s the possibility to birth once again before to die. And that life is an offer to birth many times!
I will write about a way to cognize as about life, as about being in the world. This is a specific life – the life of the human as “I am”. We try come to it from technological and intellectual point of view. And this will be the adventure. The intellectual adventure in search of a man.