Feminine wisdom and masculine logic

Igor Kalinauskas
Feminine wisdom and masculine logic.

The war of genders or the principle of collaboration
Masculine and feminine are two unlike, inseparable and eternal parts of this world. The everlasting argument: who’s the first, who’s the most important, who’s smarter or stronger. The world is falling apart at the seams by the male chauvinism or feminism or unisex. It’s unbelievable but the both fighting sides are dreaming about love!
Is there another way? Yes. The «principle of collaboration» is based on the fact that man and woman are distinctive in kind physically and mentally and intellectually. And there’s no any reason to rivaling each other. Let’s go the spiral from biology through psyche to the possibility of mind and see what is our strength and weakness and how man and woman can collaborate, not to fight.
His world is the society, her – the nature.
She gives birth – he protects.
He builds – she animates.
He thinks – she sees.