Games played by “We”

I. N. Kalinauskas
Games played by “We”
Basics of behavioral psychology. Theory and typology

This book regards basics of human behavior, its “mechanical” part that depends on how a man perceives and processes information as well as which behavioral patterns are being formed wherein. This is scientific and at the same time half in jest mapping of human behavioral types.
The book is addressed to all who, communicating with others often, would like to know more about their interlocutors and find out the motives of their behavior. There are picked together numerous practical advices useful for parents, psychologists, teachers, officials, businessmen, and just sociable people.

Who am I? What am I? What motivates me? And what do I want? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we offer you a book written by a man who has found answers to them for himself.
It is possible you’ll read it because you are looking for something that would conciliate you with yourself. Or may be it’ll happen because you are searching something that will help you to make friends with yourself, to like yourself.
After all the more you’ll like yourself and be friends with yourself the easier you’ll contact with other people, you’ll became more tolerant and benevolent to those who are around you.
You’ll find not just a theoretical reasoning in this book but a practical guide to action in your inner world. So you’ll be able to get into the world of the most interesting game that had ever existed and you’ll win Yourself.