The Path into Yourself

Igor Kalinauskas
The Path into Yourself
Games of daily routine

Igor Kalinauskas is a psychologist, PhD, and a man of letters; he is well-known as the author of discoveries in psychology and unique director’s works.

The question: “Is there any sense in a human life separately taken?”
– If a man isn’t happy with the fact that he is alive, what else could he be glad at?!
Prosiness is one of the main pathologies in our life, it deprives us of the joy of being, it makes our life senseless by means of ostentatious seriousness that causes an impression of our own worthlessness. Daily routine robs us of emotions and leaves us only codes of social parts.
If I have got me (myself, ego), then neither the authorities nor poverty, nor knowledge, nor the lack of it – nothing and no one can prevent me from being and enjoying this life. It doesn’t mean all will be fine and we won’t be suffering, worrying, feeling sorrow. We will. There will happen only one, but priceless alteration: the edifice called “the life” would regain a basement called “the joy of being”.