The games plays I. A series of “Secret Masters of the game”

The subtitle of this book – the world of the game.
What kind of a world in which the main task and the main aim for everyone is to meet you? How the world is? What laws does he live? What is known about the players and rules?
About this and many more You will learn, dear reader, acquainted with a new book of the Master of the game.
As applications, the book includes chapters many years ago published and widely sold of the book by I. Kalinauskas “Spiritual community”

Whether a person has desires that are not stipulated by external circumstances of his life?

Is it possible to help a person who has no desires that are not stipulated by external circumstances of life?

What is a Path?

Abu Silg

And he created the Teacher’s image and likeness, and puffed, and called himself a Disciple of

Igor Kalinauskas

The highest skill is to win a duel with ordinary PLAYING

of the commandments of the Master of the game

As we looked around and saw that from birth until the last days, we know it or not, all are involved in a variety of games: sweepstakes, contests, career, prestigious education, prestige, a spouse, a winning look.

Like many around this emotion, how many emotions.
How terrible to lose!
How terrible to win!

But the game is joy. This, for some reason remaining in childhood, a sense of celebration: now we play!

Maybe we just don’t feel those who play, and in the recesses of his soul afraid to admit that has long been allowed to gambling and skillful use us in their games?

To live can become a game, and you’re the protagonist and the player. And then life is not broken off, do not grind and crush”! You will live it, and it is not you. Because if you’re not playing, then play you.
of the commandments of the Master of the game

For many years the author of these books, based on knowledge of the Tradition and open all available Sciences of man, said his life has shown that knowledge about it is not the seven seals are hidden villains, and live in men and books, open to anyone who wants to create himself and his life as his best work.

We offer You a series of books of the Master and his pupils under the General title “the Mystery of the Master of the game” as a friendly suggestion as a guide to action, as a GAME.

A series of “Secret Masters of the game”
“Alone with the world” – technology games
“One must live!” the philosophy of the game
“The games plays I – games world
“Spiritual community” – a guide to the world of playing
“Woman in a man’s world” – the rules of the game
“The art of the return of the Queen” – the game is in meditation
“Instrumental socionics – the rules of the game
“Good sit” – the folklore of the game
“In search of Light” – the meaning of the game