Transformation. Travel notes

The secret Masters of the Game finally revealed. The trip is over, the cards are revealed and the route marked. This book is a generous gift of the one who came, those who are still in the Way. The spiritual man cannot afford to be insensitive. He can’t afford to wear some kind of armor. If You are excited about this prospect, this book is for you. Maybe it will inspire You. Can be – support. Maybe?…

“This is the main task – to become the master himself. This is the work that man must do the design, he must implement, the purpose of which he must implement in relation to the universe. And this work he must do for himself. Spiritual traditions, as well as psychological practical knowledge that also hatched from them, as well as the commandments of all three religions of the world, are the instructions for use for products under the name “man”. Only then man becomes the crown of creation, the master of nature, the son of God, when it becomes the master of what he was given. In modern computer language, it is necessary to become a competent user, advanced user. And then the owner.
That’s why we came to the light of God. This is our calling, purpose, this is God’s plan.