Transformation. Travelogue

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Metamorphosis. Travelogue
Igor Nikolaevitch Kalinauskas is a psychologist, an academician of IAICM, PhD in the field of psychology and socionics, as well as an expert in practices that enhance the efficiency of human life in the world.

What are we living for? It is incorrect question. It would be correct to ask how are we living, not why or what for. In this case everyone has the right to answer his own way. Because life is the only thing of real value a man possesses, and every person has the right to dispose it as he wishes. But if you wish to do it consciously, you should become the host of your life and yourself. That means to learn how to use reasonably what we are gifted with. We got the body, the conscience, the soul, our senses, emotions, intuition… All the manifestations of spiritual nature – visions and dreams – were given to us too. We were not granted with only one – the master of these all. Spirituality considered to be an action, and metamorphosis regarded as its sense – both give birth to a man who is his own master and the owner of his life.