Conversations with the Master

Conversations with the Master (favorites)
Publishing house “FAN” Academy of Sciences
The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Thousands of years a tradition has formed of human culture, at least the European branch, imperative that says, you know and master a…
Yes, and in fact not having their own self-concept: who I am, what I’m capable of, what are the conditions I need, etc.; not having mastered them – unless the person is able to become independently active and creative manifesting and, on this basis, the growing moral person?
In this respect, the book “Conversations with the master author Igor Kalinauskas acquaint the reader with reflections on these questions.
This book will tell you many things and open to those who instinctively look for the meaning and purpose of their lives and adequate dialogue with the surrounding world.

The crisis of civilization (and our society in particular) is that the development of production have diverged with the true purpose and meaning of life the true purpose of the human civilization. This crisis today is recognized everywhere in the West and in the developing and the socialist countries.
Who today would doubt that has arisen and began to develop the need of a person a different perspective on their own existence, the meaning and purpose of our lives? Who doubts that man is endowed with the role of the “labor force” only destroys the person but also the society adhering to such a concept?
Does not this connected the nascent and burgeoning nostalgia for the true human values and qualities.
And this nostalgia is becoming apparent and increasingly the emerging contours of a return to the humanistic culture, spirituality, morality of the person, return the person to the needs of self-expression, self-assertion, self-creation.
Practically, this means a fracture, a qualitative change in the development of all human society. The fracture not only for survival but also for detection of other, more meaningful than the consumerism, the purposes of existence of this society.
But is this the turning point in the historical development possible and is it possible in this new mission the man without a qualitative change in the formation of personality? Unless man can become a true Creator, conscious and capable member of this qualitative change, without changing yourself?

This book is intended for a wide circle of readers, for those who ever thought about the question “Who am I?” “Why I came to this Earth?”, i.e. to know themselves as part of the World, identify their potential capacities, abilities in the modern world. This book is a window into a world where a Person can create oneself.

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