Alone with the world (first edition)

Alone with the world
Prepared by the editorial Board of the journal “Preschool education”.
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Kiev 1991

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Instead of a Preface

“The idea of the humanization of society involves the expansion and deepening of knowledge about what is humanity, what is human society that there is another person and that, in the end, maybe just in the first place, there is an Existing Y. we have the experience of studying these systems is mainly based on the method of calculation, separation, crushing, and we all sooner or later witness the dismal consequences of this approach to the World and man. An alternative approach to the problem — priznaje that man in his activities is not strictly deterministic natural laws. He is free, he rises above nature, is not a thing among things, and the measure of things, transforming and creating his own special world — the spiritual, which draws its sources and determinants of direction in your life. Inner spiritual world of man is his consciousness, in the broadest sense of the word; the outer spiritual world common to all people, is a culture created by mankind. Of course, that of the researcher, standing on this point of view, mainly interested in the inner world of human cognition from the standpoint of the interlocutor. The knowledge of this genus is based on different methodology – “understanding” and “dialogue”. In this respect, the book of Lithuanian author Kalinauskas I. “Alone with the world” is a cleverly implemented and accessible synthesis of Eastern philosophical and psychological thought with European intellectual rationalism. In other words, the author of this fascinating book have managed to create a peculiar and philosophic and psychological aspects, is very well justified “primer of self-regulation” of the person, the core of which is the problem with the World. The main advantage of the work – the subjective attitude of the person, i.e. the source of man power in himself, not in the external World, as still seems to many. However, the comprehension of this “ABC of life” demands from the reader a certain notonly intelligent but also a kind of almost-Seminary preparation, which, in part,created the book. The spiral principle of creation of the text due to this feature: not only as a result of theoretical research, many practical investigations in the sphere of relations with the World, with the other person and with yourself. The repetition present in the book allow the reader to enter the text gradually, step by step, expanding the volume of the introduced concepts, checking own understanding and experience with input throughout the conversation “views from inside”, i.e., with reflections of people ispolzovalsya proposed system in his private practice. The author seeks to ensure that the composition of the book was sposobstvovala maximum disclosure of the basic principles of the system: a holistic perception of concepts and structures, their comprehension through semantic volumes, ongoing dialogue in vzaimootnosheniyah with the text. In the first part the reader gets an idea about almost all the topics addressed in this system. Presenting different points of view, different positions in relation to material in the Dialogic style, the much-loved ancient authors, I. N. Kalinauskas offers his description it would seem that such a friend, such a famous each of the World. Unlike many superficially similar publications this does not claim to be an unambiguous description of the World and man “as they really are”. The author proposes a “technology of life”, a way of organizing the processes of self-regulation at such levels as the picture “the World in man” and picture “person in the World.” Description of the technology is the main content of second part of the book. From my point of view, offering a description of practical methods in the absence of feedback from the reader, the author takes on additional tsvetonosy. It seems that many years of practical experience is sufficient guarantee of accuracy and safety recommended. To some it may seem a bit not usual or even shocking “technological” approach to such important moments of human life, like relationships between people, values, personality, experiences, building a plan for life. But I think today, when one of the main dramas of our society is the lack of independence of thinking, the inability to overcome standard approaches to solving life’s problems, lack of skills and unwillingness to take responsibility for my life, for the assigned case for the fate of society, this approach is not only qualified, but in a certain sense necessary. Our time shows clearly that any noble and sublime calls are not a substitute for a lack of knowledge and skills, qualifications in a complex case, as the formation of man himself, his activity, his relations with the World and people. To live is a difficult profession. Not to understand this means to take in dreaming about how it would be good if it happened by itself without my conscious effort and without personal liability. Of approval of the active position of man in relation to himself and life is manifested, in my opinion, the main thrust of the author. Assertion, backed up by practical recommendations, radiochimica from the practice of many people. It seems that finding ways to develop active person, very responsible to his life, represents the primary social value of the book. The final part of the book, its last round of returns of modern man to the level of life, recalls a worldview in which philosophy is not something we are used to thinking of separate, something that exists in a narrow range of “smart” people, and what gives meaning to the World in us and the World around us. Philosophizing is not a luxury; philosophy, whether we realize it or not, permeated all of our lives. Careful reading of penetration in a relatively concentrated text of “Alone with the world” in much prompt and open. Especially those who would be split, instinctively look for meaning and purpose in their lives and there is adequate Dialogue with the surrounding World.”

doctor of philosophical Sciences, Professor

Alone with the world.1991.