Good sit!

We sat with friends and
drank THIS wine, even when
it was not vines.
Sufi wisdom.

These texts are extracts from after-dinner conversations. The answers to the questions. Questions, alas, remain behind the scenes. As left overs the sea the couple with the glowing plankton, a table Laden with delicious food, drinks. Left-over fish and delicious shrimp. Sea, sky, sun, and warded off the most modern means evening mosquitoes.
And questions, questions, questions…
And talk, talk, talk.”
Not only that, included in the book.
We suffered from THIS thirst. And we could not drink THIS wine.
Drink it and you, the reader. Drink and snack.
Health and happiness!

From the editor.
Dear readers!
The author of this book – Igor Kalinauskas –
people unusual.
Rather, this physical appearance is a whole group
extraordinarily gifted people, each of which is a Master of his
business. Because it is difficult to imagine how one person only
for half a century managed to be realized in so many different guises.
Theater Director, a chiropractor and massage therapist, poet, practical
psychologist, philosopher and spiritual practitioner, a scientist, academician MAIS (international
Academy Management, Informatics and communication in nature and society” (UNESCO),
head of modern spiritual tradition referred to as SCHOOL, artist, head
and one of the vocal duet “Zikr”, known not only in CIS, but
also in Europe, America, Africa and Australia. Involuntarily porazhaeshsya, how do you manage this
Man to live such a tense diverse, productive life?!
Igor Nikolaevich considers that potentially live in many.
But first, you have to Live your life, and, second, learn to relate
to build your life as art, or, ideally, as a profession.
It should be noted that this book is a product of spiritual tradition
which leads to a certain terminological and stylistic features
presentation. Therefore, readers who are not familiar with the terminology and philosophical concepts
School, we can recommend the book “Live right”, where the fundamental principles and
terms fully reflected the definition.
This book is not the result of purposeful writing by the author. It
represents an edited and organized by Chapter tape
record of the conversation Igor Nikolaevich, took place in August 1997 and may 1998
during short intervals between the performances of the duet “Zikr” in the city
Learning conversations, and this is how the ain had the rest (tochee to say-
work) Igor, was in the country neophytes tradition, located
on the Black sea coast in Zatoka, Odessa region. In this regard
this book had a working title of “Conversation sharp”.
Permanent and often also the mastermind behind many of the conversations were
Olga p. Tkachenko – free School master, soul of the duet “Zikr”, a talent
and the operation is repeatedly mentioned in this book and which
the author dedicated the book “to Live”.
The drafting group are extremely grateful to Igor for his work
and hopes that this book will be interesting and useful not only for socio-
the psychological world of the School, but also for other spiritual seekers and people
interested in practical philosophy and applied psychology, and the spiritual