Logic and practice of Unit

Outstanding contemporary author, well-known psychologist, PhD Igor Kalinauskas is two bestselling contemporary practical philosophy under one cover – “Intellectual adventure origins of life.” And “intellectual adventure – II of Consciousness Revolution.”.
The book reveals an important and popular topic stay unique human person in the modern world. The first part deals with the types of man’s relationship with himself, society and the world. It depends on them happiness, success, and finally, the meaning of each individual life. The author describes in detail their unique discoveries in the field of deep human psychology over the past 30 years.
The second part of the master cutting-edge philosophy talks about the revolution of consciousness – the transition of power to the internal chaos of civilization. By the possibility of a self-contained stay in the world and full of life as his own case. This is the psychology and philosophy of activity – an active position of our “I” in the world in which we find ourselves – and technological bases.
The depths of human psychology are revealed to the reader, and the familiar life appears in a new light.
Wide fame and popularity of the author, an interesting subject will attract a lot of fans of modern philosophy and the style will bring a real pleasure to everyone who is not indifferent to good literature!