The warrior of Spirit

Odessa, 28 October at 19.00
The Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church

Hearing DUO ZIKR, you will truly experience the “live music”, the involvement of trainees everything that happens on stage. Deep musical resonance awakens the sense of touch is born with right here, right now music. Free improvisation grows out of the surrounding space and picked up by a skilled votes. Volume of the polyphonic sound of the Duo surprised the all-knowing mind and conquers the soul.
Igor Silin and Olga Tkachenko will improvise using a unique technique of Free Voice, the vocal techniques of classical, Orthodox zeal, Tibetan Mentawai music. Overwhelming force, breadth of range and harmony of voice hearing will satisfy the most demanding listeners.
The uniqueness of DUO ZIKR — clean and never-repeating improvisation, a kind of mystery, which determines the theme, content is the spiritual world of the performers and the atmosphere of the hall, as musical form — composing talent and a rare vocal technique Olga Tkachenko and Igor Silin. They don’t sing in an academic manner, drawing on the familiar to our ears the harmonic series, they go deeper for the shape and give voice to the essence of the content themes of his improvisations, using a refined technique of vibrational motion. The sound is born inside the body, and through bodily cavities and vibrations obtained a specific timbre.

The program “The Warrior of Spirit” consists of 7 pieces of music as a vocal Symphony. The sextet takes polifonicheskie decomposed into six voices the music of the Duet “Zikr”, where basic motives are an appeal to the Spirit, prayer, the awareness of himself and the establishment as a Warrior of the spirit.
Leave for a few hours of the usual routine, bring your soul to where it will live a full life on the concert of one of the most amazing world of duets.

Information and ticketing: +380487432568, +380980978847 (Vitaly)