The light has modeled me from the darkness

The light has modeled me from the darkness

I clearly knew what I want and was looking for it. I wanted to understand why the people, those amazing creatures are living so imperfect lives. The knowledge about it is exist in the shape of people as every man is the conductor of Infinite Ocean of knowledge and power that lays behind him.

Dr. Igor Kalinauskas
Psychologist, philosopher and author of books. A man known for his discovers in psychology and unique works as a director. His lifestyle is Alone with the world!

Here’s the given life, I did not choose it. The life as it is and it develops by the own laws. But when I have met the Tradition, I understood: “Here’s the life I was looking for, I have been dreaming about, I have wanted”. As every neophyte I believed that the happiness immediately will come. And later I turned out that another life should be learned. I learn everything from the beginning… But that was so great that all difficulties of studies just only inspired me, nothing else.

The meaning of any real spiritual doctrine is to help a man to get where he becomes matured from spiritual point of view. But what the spiritually is? And what is the mature man? How the way into another life looks from the inside? Intellectually, emotionally, and very frankly in the most sincere book by Igor Kalinauskas.