1. Audio recording of the interview I. N. Kalinauskas (15 04 2016) about what is happening in the space of Tradition at this period of time.


2. I also want to clarify, did You receive information about the summer project of Igor Kalinauskas and “Want to try? Come!”? (Re-send with a short description).

We are often asked whether data situations “Xappy Crazy Poker”?

Answer: no!

It is independent of the situation, the context of which you can catch after listening to audio recording I. N. Kalinauskas (15 04 2016), and reading these quotes from the talk I. N. Kalinauskas in Kazan (March 2016):

“In most cases we live in such an automated world. Ie we know in advance what will happen, how to react, what is right what is wrong. I.e. all that is learned from external to our subjectivity in the world. What was used, adapted, learned, etc …

For what would that really change in this place, a necessary risk. The risk associated with what: “Here I live, I still somehow, but as it develops. And I offered to work with your mind and start to perceive, assess, etc. differently. Not as all – Great secondary.

/…/ It so happened that for many years, decades I was engaged in that tried to translate into modern language on the subject of subjectivity. There is a problem related to the fact that how to talk about what we call the SOUL… So naturally all the books of Igor Kalinauskas is written about what is happening in the space of consciousness that we are able to do there, what structures enter, some system of relations to build with different aspects of reality, etc., etc. this year we finished: your description brought to the end of the PATH of CONSCIOUSNESS. So my mission has been accomplished.

One problem remained: how to do it? This problem is subjective: it depends, what experiences, visions, awareness … how many people are able to take the RISK to CHANGE the RULES of YOUR STAY IN the WORLD?”

3. We make preliminary lists of participants, and because the number of participants is limited, we need to know Your plans or not to participate in one or more of the weekly project “I Want to try? Come!”

4. Video record new interviews of Igor Kalinauskas, the DFS method. (Lithuania, Farmstead INC., March 2016)