Igor Kalinauskas and Petersburg have a long history

Igor Kalinauskas and Petersburg have a long history. Ten years the city has witnessed its rapid and life-giving activities. But it took years of separation. On October 17 we will have a meeting with one of the greatest philosophers of the present time, a psychologist, writer, artist and actor — a man who throughout his life proves practical inexhaustibility of human potential. Shows how to turn the so-called “everyday” life in the infinite moments of being. In fact, it is accepted to speak about eternity.
We called this event a meeting with readers, because that’s what in the books of Igor Kalinauskas opens the great secret of the fullness of being, taste every moment of your stay in this world. In simple words, related pleasant the European reader logic, based on modern life. But this does not mean that to meet the author of the books is interesting and useful only to people who were reading these texts. We hope to meet people, intellects, souls. To meet, chat, and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to experience something beyond the limits of comprehension. And if you have doubts related to the format of the conversation, or that you haven’t read these books — drop oscillations. Such events, such collisions, such as meetings in life, sometimes not so much. Use your chance to find your questions or hear the answers, and treat yourself to moments of communication with the person who owns the art of living without death.

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