“Lift” and “Rehabilitation of the soul”


The Magazine “Wheel Of Life”

Increasingly, we hear that the man is tired, “never”, that has no strength, ideas, inspiration, aspirations… and often encounter those who are “stuck” in place, sees no goals, no dreams. Who not only “not working Elevator”, but the soul is dormant.
Under this cover published two complementary books – “Lift” and “Rehabilitation of soul.”
In the “Lift” special attention is paid to the causes of emotional burnout and energy “discharge” of modern man. Reveals the essence of the concept of resonance, explain all the periods of life and corresponding energy.
“Rehabilitation of the soul” will be useful for those who want to learn about relationships with themselves, about the forces that we have inside us and how to learn to use them. Much attention is paid to values and meanings, love, faith and his own freedom.
Real experience and knowledge, simple theory, exercises and tests, techniques and practices.
The book will be useful for those who want to learn how to always be energetic and balanced, living in harmony with themselves and to find their place in the world.