Remark: How to live in an era of change?

And I remember very meaningful to me a parable: it is possible to live near the Buddha for a thousand years to do… and nothing happens.

I really like the statement that it is not the teachers, and students. There is a beautiful poetic formula: while on the banks of the Ganges, awaiting the teacher sits a boy, the world can be peaceful. And Jesus said: the harvest is plentiful — the workers are few. But the twelve he scored. And followed him around the crowd. And then they became workers only when he was gone. As Anand, who enlightened only when Buddha is gone.

And at the same time, I want to share with you this key. Because meaning, as a source of strength, energy, and completeness, of fullness of being is the key.

Anyway, all my life for the last thirty years all on this holding, and the last ten years. My sense is that somehow this really to share. Not only to talk but to make it so that at least someone in this way tried to go.

We live in an era of change. Changes not only in Ukraine. Changes throughout the world. I believe that this is a crisis management system. Others think otherwise, but this is not important, it is important that everyone recognizes — it is the era of change. And as always at such times, the individual as if a person does not mean much. In fact, this is the complexity of life in an era of change. Your personal value is leveled. And in General, humanitarian values associated with man as the measure of things are pushed under the pressure of social cataclysms.

The pyramid that humanity has created, as a control system where six or eight thousand years ago, it is certainly a huge event in history. Appeared society, there state, social Convention, a control system constructed on this principle. In the end, the hierarchy entered the mass consciousness of the people, because initially we have in mind only two basic structures: the pyramid and the natural coordinate system (left, right, front, rear, top, bottom).

This whole machine, all these social games are designed to manage the hostel. And they were quite effective during the past millennia. But, since the twenties of the last century, was structurally changing events. The world began to rapidly personalized. And in public life and in individual people’s lives subjective began to dominate the objective. Individualism began to dominate over collectivism. Naturally, in response, control system, saving the dormitory became harder, more global, using for their survival all progress. And at the same time increased the number of social catastrophes: war, revolution.

We are witnessing a global process of change. Humanity has experience of managing a hostel and knows how to do it, but not know and has no experience of managing individuals, that is individuals. I remember started to appear one after the other Hollywood movies where the loner is stronger than the state. To catch a gang is easier than to catch alone. All this and more: hackers, for example… One talented hacker can do. The answer to the famous question of the role of personality in history began to evolve.

And what are we to do in times of change? How to save your personality? Your own. The absolute answer to this question, of course, I don’t know. But you know the General direction of the search. It is a necessity to engage the inner personal resources that the people have not used and do not use.

We’ve learned that we are on these resources associated with such a rather abstract concept like spirituality. Why abstract? Because perfect needs, they are also spiritual needs for most people is an abstraction. Some, attaching themselves to such Smyslova whole, as a Spiritual community, get in the plug, the gap is still greater, while continuing to live as before.

The problem is not that you are spiritual or not spiritual. The problem is, how you live. What do you use? And here for myself I am sure that the time in which we live confronts us with the need to use those inner resources that we did not use. In this case there is a good expression: “Increase your necessity.” To knowledge which you get from spiritual sources, was you really need. This possible answer to the question of how to live in an era of change, how to live in an era of global crisis of humanity, when universal control system, which was used by mankind for thousands of years, ceases to operate.

The hostel is scattered. Naturally in response, management system without having anything new is getting tougher, trying by force again to drive the mankind to the hostel. How long it will last, and whether there will be such a genius, which will create a fundamentally new system of control is unknown. But in order to make personal sense of our being in the world has not disappeared in all this, it is necessary to use domestic resources. To finally, was the inner revolution, talked about, and which is predicted by many spiritual leaders of mankind. And maybe it will contribute to the birth of a fundamentally new system of governance.

As Voltaire said through the mouth of Candide: “Let us cultivate our garden.” Let’s do that, let us his subjectivity. Let’s put things in order there, let’s make it so that there all worked. Because on the outside, anyway, whichever way, but somewhere lacking. While the internal resource is tremendous. If we manage to overcome rigid installation embedded in us in the process of socialization, in the process of social suggestione, in the process of social pressure, we’re not antisocial, that’s absurd. Person to person is still overvalued. And you don’t need to abandon society. But, we’ll get personal. Not at the expense of self-assertion, not at the expense of others, and we will be able to engage in more self-expression, self-realization. And maybe some of us thought, finally, how to overcome this crisis in a meaningful way. Can see the global situation and in this General to find a solution. Because, seeing the fragments, we do not decide. The liver removed from the body — this is something else.

Employees removed from their social environment, too — something else. People who are not afraid to admit that he was the only one to see his underlying loneliness, which is our uniqueness, too — something else.

This is not abstraction. It directly concerns each of us in our real life. Only some people want to see and do everything in order to see. Know. But others don’t want. To see and to know. And prefer to continue to live in the fog. But what is the point in the fog? And I could not see. Wow illusion. As with modern means of accounting for and control, to do that you could not see? Just nobody wants you. As in the joke:

— Joe is elusive.

— What is he so cool that it can not catch?

— No, he’s just useless.

Well, here I am true to myself. Call I have one: become needs themselves. And you will need a huge number of people. No problem. I need you now, in this situation. What’s so different about me? I just can share what I see. Because I love to see and to know. And although this is sometimes awful, terrible, dreadful, I have a basic joy that I see it, and not because I’m in a fog.

As was said there? Seek and ye shall find. But look at yourself. And those who believe, seek God himself. And those who believe in the Holy Spirit, a look for the Holy Spirit. Those who are in knowledge, a search for knowledge. Otherwise you will be forced to jump on the order that you offer others, because you will have one personal goal — to survive.